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Cake Smash

Maternity Mama
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Durham Region Maternity Session With Natalie Grenier       I wanted to take a moment to show off one of my repeat clients Natalie. We just finished doing her maternity session and she did amazing! So here is Natalie Grenier Maternity session.     Red on Red   This session with Natalie was such […]

Natalie Grenier Maternity Session

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A little girl riding a unicorn
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Durham Region Magical Unicorn sessions Have you ever thought of all the things that you wanted to do as a child that you could only dream of? Now tell me as a little girl you have never dreamed of wearing a pretty princess gown and riding a unicorn. It was my biggest dream growing up. […]

Durham Region Magical Unicorn sessions

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Safari Cake smash session
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Durham Region Motherhood family photographer Hi there! My name is Jevonna Wynter, and I’m the owner of Jevonna Wynter Photography. My goal is to not only capture your memories but to also make it a fun amazing experience. I strive for genuine laughs that show the world who your family truly is. So I wanted […]

The experience with Jevonna Wynter Photography

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Let’s dive into cake smash celebratory boxes, shall we?   I get asked all the time ‘What is included in the cake smash celebratory box?’ So I thought why not share? When it comes to cake smashes, they are one of my favourite types of sessions to do. Now just for clarification, I want to […]

Cake smash celebratory box

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Mom to be during a session
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Doing this list was too much fun! I get so many questions regarding maternity gowns from my studio. My maternity gowns range in all sizes and have a huge variety of colours.  The best thing about being able to use maternity gowns from the studio is that you don’t have to purchase any yourself. Plus […]

Top 5 Maternity Gowns

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Top images in 2023
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Top images of 2024 Here are my top-liked and personal top images of 2024. Now these aren’t in any order, but I wanted to compile a list of favourite images that you and I have loved over the last year. This was TOUGH not only are they my top images of 2024 but they truly […]

Top Images of 2024

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A Photo from valentines day set
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Inexpensive Valentines Day Ideas It’s that time of year again! Valentines date ideas! The day that is all about love; We love to celebrate love over here. I think the last decade valentines day has really been focused on showing who you love how much you love them, and while i love the idea of […]

Valentines Date Ideas 2024

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Client Wardrobe for a Studio
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Hey there mama! I know how it can be super stressful trying to organize client wardrobes. That’s why I am here! I wanted to take a moment to show you my wardrobe and explain why I put one together for my studio and clients. It’s easy, I don’t want you to have to worry about […]

Client Wardrobe with Durham Region Photographer

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A Pregnant mom who will give birth soon
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Hi mama, First and foremost Congratulations! I know, i know you must hear that a lot right? How are you doing? I don’t mean the simple answer; i truly mean deep down how are YOU? It’s tough balancing from birth to baby. Of course everyone is so focused on baby but i want to know […]

Balancing From Birth to Baby

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A cake Smash From Jevonna Wynter Photography
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  Cake Smashes are my favourite things to do! It’s celebrating the first year of your birthday! I always explain to those who are a bit weary of doing a cake smash that this is a one-time event that your little one can have fun and you can truly enjoy the pure fun in your […]

Cake Smash With Jevonna Wynter Photography

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