5 Gallery wall ideas for your photos

Let me start by asking you if you have any USB’s or hard drives with important images on them. Now if you don’t, congratulations because the majority of people do and never even touch them again.
That is so sad, isn’t it? having amazing memories that you have put so much money and love into and they never see the light of day past Facebook and Instagram. A huge reason is that putting together frames and images on the wall can be such a daunting task, that most people do not want to deal with. Most people don’t even know what to do with their images, or even have taken the time to print off the images and hang them on their walls. Well, I wanted to give you some advice and an explanation of how easy it can be! Below I’ll show you 5 Gallery wall ideas for your photos that are super easy to do (or you can ask your neighbourhood photographer) and look flattering on almost any wall in your house.


This is such a beautiful choice. Very simple, and clients can choose if they want the horizontal and vertical images switched. These images create a nice balance for you to put on any wall. I find that it is the most flattering over a fireplace or a couch.

(2) 11×14 and (2) 16×20





Looking to just complete a wall? This layout is perfect for that because you can choose 3 simple images and it truly finishes a area without it being super overwhelming
(2) 11×14 (1) 16×20

This layout is the most popular for sure. I find that it can be hard to pick less than 5 images during our consultation. This is the best option without having to cull down to 3 images or less

(4)11×11 (1) 20×23



Very simple. I love this option as well
(2) 20×30 and (1) 30×40



This is the one that I showed the most to clients for my personality portraits. This is a statement piece !

(3) 30×40



That’s a wrap! I hope that helps with some ideas for you to be able to hang your portraits! These are super easy and simple layouts that can go on any wall in your home





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