Let’s dive into cake smash celebratory boxes, shall we?


I get asked all the time ‘What is included in the cake smash celebratory box?’ So I thought why not share? When it comes to cake smashes, they are one of my favourite types of sessions to do. Now just for clarification, I want to explain why cake smashes are so much fun and are important, because I also get asked that a lot. The main objective of cake smashes is the celebrate the first year of you and your child. You made it! yay! I find that many moms say that these photos are more for them than they are for their babies.

The main question is why do I offer them? Well, I’m going to take you back down memory lane when I had my first “Cake Smash’ Now back then it was more so my family surrounding me watering me smash a homemade cupcake, and I love that, but I also love the old Sears photos that I get to look back on too. Now the idea of cake smashes wasn’t mine alone, but when I get asked why I do them I always say that when I go back and look through the bunches of photos of me turning one, I wish it was all done in one place with one set of images.

I love cake smashes because it’s an all-in-one session that only takes about an hour. Now, I know that sounds super long, but we had fun during the session. We sing, play their favourite music, dance and so much more. My main goal during the session is to get a genuine smile and long-lasting memories. I love cake smashes so much that I wanted to gift my parents something. And thus the cake smash celebratory boxes!



Cake smash celebratory box! 


So the cake smash celebratory box includes several things that i thought would be fun for you and baby! First thing, I include a wooden spoon; it is toddler size which is perfect for little hands (and comes very handy when you need to distract the baby with something during our session. Some babies LOVE using spoons over their hands, so this is perfect!

The next thing included a custom onesie that I made for the baby! I love doing this because it’s easy to wear (it’s a white onesie)  and super cute, I love it when clients send me photos of their little ones in the onesie.


The sizes are usually between 12-18 months, and depending on the time of year the onesie will be long sleeve or short sleeve.

I also include a wooden toy for them to chew on, which comes in different shapes and is perfect for those who are teething.

A handwritten thank-you note. I love doing this because it gives a personal touch to each client individually.


I find that this is so important because every client and I have a different interaction and I want to make sure they know how special they are to me.

Last but not least, I also throw in some business cards. This was a request from two past clients wanting to pass them on to friends and family.



That’s it, that’s all! I love handing these out because it gives a personal touch to our sessions and I find that it makes the clients feel special and unique.


Building these hand built boxes  is truly a honour because my clients allow me to get to build and continue my dream daily.


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