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With Natalie Grenier




I wanted to take a moment to show off one of my repeat clients Natalie. We just finished doing her maternity session and she did amazing! So here is Natalie Grenier Maternity session.



Red on Red


This session with Natalie was such a hoot, we ended up shooting for 2.5 hours. So, ill show you all the parts of what we shot and how amazing it was. Let’s start with this mono chromatic red.

I love love love this set!  It was so simple and beautiful at the same time and I wanted to show off her beautiful tattoos, as well as her growing baby bump and this was the perfect way to do it.

Can I just say that red is her colour? I also wanted to layer some beautiful florals on top to truly make the image pop, so I would love to know, do you prefer the florals ad the simple image better.


Here is a quick image of mama and her babies! I love the read! Such a regal colour on this adorable family

Red dress in her older daughter is from https://bewitchingstitchery.ca/



Black and Bare

In another shot, I added florals. I love this set. This particular pose and set I call black and bare.
I truly love this pose for a few reasons.

My clients truly trust me with such an intimate moment.

I wanted to showcase how beautiful pregnancy is.

and again I wanted to showcase how gorgeous her tattoos are!

I love adding angel wings to any maternity session.
There is something about them that just makes the session much more magical.
And the best part? I have angel wings for your littles too!

I love the love that she and her husband Chase share

Congratulations to Natalie and Chase,
I can’t wait to meet the newest little one .

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