Top 5 Maternity Gowns

Mom to be during a session

Doing this list was too much fun! I get so many questions regarding maternity gowns from my studio. My maternity gowns range in all sizes and have a huge variety of colours.  The best thing about being able to use maternity gowns from the studio is that you don’t have to purchase any yourself. Plus you get to use more than one gown ( I love having my clients wear 4-5 different outfits to be able to have a huge variety in their gallery) Let’s start from 10 to 1!



Top 5 maternity gowns



Outdoor Maternity Session in Durham Region

Let’s start with you this stunning orange gown. This one is a high quality velvet material. I absolutely love it because it is flattering on all bodies.

The subtle slit give it a bit of sexy feels and the slightly puffed sleeves make it for a flattering gown on all bodies. This gown is one of my favourites because it truly stands out against the fall leaves and

is beautiful on every skin tone. This one makes my top 5 because of how flattering it is on all bodies and skin tones.



Water reflection and maternity session

I love these robes. So much that i have them in 4 colours. They are super flattering on all body types. I currently have four colours, beige, blue, pink and red.

These gowns are usually the statement gowns that clients adore. These fit all sizes as it ties and gives a super royal feel to it.



This one is a duel set, now i know that the angel wings are technically a gown, but the pearl robe is. I love pairing these together because it give the images a royal angelic feel to it. The wings fit on like a backpack and the pearl the robe is easy, soft and beautiful.

Maternity mama in a sunflower field

This is the prettiest gown that i have. I also have it in 3 colours. Yellow, Green and Blue. I love this gown because it really focuses on the pregnancy body, it hugs the curves and flows out at the bottom which gives a beautiful flow.

I highly recommend this how to clients, espeically if you are doing a session in the winter as the material is nice and warm.


Maternity mama in a glam gown


This gown is stunning. It give glimmer, glam and makes all my mamas feeling GORGEOUS.





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