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Having a good self acre routine is so important in this day and time. With all the stressers from day to day life and focus on getting your kiddos to their appointments, getting work done, dinner ready having a clean house, etc etc. It can be tough to remember to focus on yourself and give you some self care (And trust me mama it is important) So here are some tips to truly take some time for you, even if its just a few minutes a day 

  1. Have a good skincare routine

Having a good skincare routine for yourself is crucial. I think the hardest part us finding out which products you need. I personally use DIME beauty for my skincare routine. They were the most helpful to find exactly what products i need and even offer a subscription program that auto renews when its time to refill your items. It is important that you have a am/pm routine daily and make sure to wear sunscreen (Especially during the summer months) Adding this to your routine will become second nature soon enough.

2. Take 1 hour of no screen time a day

This one was super hard for myself. I remember the first two weeks of doing this; and i was sitting tapping the ground. But after lots of practice (and good distractions) It becomes easier after some time. Not focusing on my phone made me appreciate the world and family around me. You truly never realize how much we are on our phone, tvs and computers so much. Some great distractions that i added instead is a. Put your phone on silent for a hour. b. Read, write, paint, journal, workout, go for a walk, garden etc. There are so many options that you can do instead of scrolling trust me; the world around you is so beautiful if you just look up.

3. Move that damn sexy body mama

This is one that i still have some getting use to but i look in the mirror and call myself sexy. I learn to appreciate my body vs hating on it. How do i do that?I move my damn body every day. Now wait, before you give up on me, listen. Im not saying workout each and every day. I am saying that you need to go for your hot girl walk and I do believe that they say you need to move your body for at least 30 minutes a day. I do suggest having a good workout plan, but that’ll come later. 

4. Each BETTER, not what you think is healthy 

Again in this day and age, you are told that you hav to eat healthy. I do agree but these tie too videos have you believe that you need to eat like rabbits and that’s it. That’s not entirely true. I try to make healthier choices where i can. This doesn’t just happen in one day. Take baby steps and start with one thing added (Or removed) from you diet. Remember always chat with your doctor as everyone has different bodies.

5. Have a good workout plan 

Hey! Don’t roll your eyes, you need this. This is a big part of self care. Trust me you might hate it (especially at the beginning) but this will add to your mental health and care. Working out your body doesn’t mean you have to be a body lifter and have huge muscles (Absolutely no hate to anyone that does do that) but for busy moms, i know that it tough to carve out time for things like that. I personally do at home workouts. I love getting up early(now) and knocking out a workout early in the day. It truly helps me focus on getting other things done through the day. I personally typically workout 3-4 times a week. This a great number for me. But when i started out i did once a week and just added a day monthly until i got where i was happy and comfortable.

6. Take your self out for a date

This has been a game changer for me. I love taking myself on self dates. Now i am mom of two little ones, and its not always easy to just take myself out on dates, but i make a plan with either my spouse, or family members to hang with my kiddos while i have some quiet time for myself. Now a question that i get often is what can i do for self care date for me? 

  1. Picnic at a beach front
  2. Read at a local book store or library 
  3. Go to a new cafe
  4. See a movie (Trust me seeing a movie on your own is so normal now a days)
  5. Go for a hike or walk 
  6. Get your nails and hair done. 

7. Get a good nights sleep 

Last but not least, another good tips for self care is to get a good night sleep. Cliche i know, but honestly its all about how to start your day. Having a good night sleep can make or break your next morning, so many sure your snuggled up in bed early. Those late nights are long over and not sustainable.

I hope these tips helped someone truly take step back and appreciate yourself more. If you can’t fill your own cup, then you certainly cannot help fill anyone else’s and that includes your spouse, kids or even best friend. 

So learn to love you and carve out some time for you.

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