8 fun things to do in Toronto and Durham Region

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Finally the first real summer in almost three years. This is so exciting! Now you might be wondering, with school almost out what is there to do? Well, let me help you with that! Here are 8 fun things to do in Toronto and Durham Region that have been curated for your youngest to your oldest, truly fun for the whole family!


  1. Visit a provincial park/Camping

This is a personal fav. Our family goes camping each year and it is one of our favourite things to do. We have visited a bunch of parks over the years and have made so many memories. Did you know that provincial parks have day passes if you rather not camp? Make sure to do your research on things that each park has i.e. (Beaches, Parks, Water parks, or pools) The most important thing for us is that our kiddos (ages 3 and 8) get out and explore nature. Make memories by playing and not allowing screen time during these few days. I think our fav part is collection the of provincial park stickers that you can get at each gift shop at each park. They even have a book to collect all the sticks from each park that you have visited!



2. Peterborough Zoo

Did you know that this zoo is 100% free? Unlike the Toronto Zoo Which is still an amazing zoo btw) this zoo allows parents to bring their kiddos free of charge every day of the week. They have tons of activities that are so much fun to do and even a zoo mobile for you to enjoy a ride around the zoo. As well as a splash park and of course the animals! This is such a great inexpensive way to get your kiddos out of the house and enjoy an education day of fun while burning some of that energy.


8 fun things to do in Toronto and Durham Region

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3. Cedar Park (Bowmanville, Ontario)

Cedar park is a wondering way to enjoy the day in the water. They have so many attractions too, they have a golf course, waterpark with slides, pool, wave pool and you can take your trailer and park their for a few nights to really have a weekend of fun. The park usually maxes out with day passes pretty quickly so if you can snag some passes in advance i would recommend you do so so you get enough passes for your whole family.


4. Beach day

Who doesn’t love a good beach day! Its another inexpensive way to enjoy the day out with the family on a great budget. We personally also LOVE the beach. Coburg has been our favourite, and if you haven’t been, you have to go! The sand is soft, The water is beautiful and there is so much to do around the area. A lot of the time there is live entertainment close by and a perfect way to sit back, enjoy the sun and let your kids be kids! The best part is walking around downtown Coburg. This historic city is beautiful and have a ton of shops that are less than a 5 minute walk from the beach. I also suggest doing some research and checking out local beaches to you! You never know what golden secrets you can have near you!

5. Ontario Place (Toronto, Ontario)

This is a park! It will likely be an all day event too, but you and your kids won’t regret it. Even though its under construction, this is still a fun place to bring the kiddos! There is plenty to do such are visiting the marina, Cinesphere, face painting and kids activities and air brush tattoos. There is also some seasonal activities that they throw day to day. I highly suggest that you take a look at their website for more information at:



6. Center Island (Toronto, Ontario)

This is a MUST do for this years activities. Center Island is one stop shop for everything you’ll ever need for a your whole family. There is so much to do! First, you have to take a Ferry to and from the Island. Personally my kids loved being on a boat, and watching it sail by everything. Second one you arrive, there is so much to eat. They have snack bars, restauraunts and so many place to buy food. They also have water parks, regular parks and different activities as well. You can rent bikes for your whole family or scooters to travel around the island and an amazing beach front to lie down and soak in some rays. The best part of Center Island is that the ferry is super inexpensive AND you can bring your own food (Or Charoal BBQ) and have a picnic with your family. I highly suggest 3 things to bring.

  1. A wagon (Espcially if you have kids, this will hold everything and is great for when the kids need a nap)
  2. Bring food and drinks, the food is about average price for take out food on the Island, but its so much more satisfying (And a heck of a lot less expensive) to pre plan and bring your own food! But like i mentioned, some families bring a BBQ and enjoy some good juicy burgers.
  3. Extra cash, There is a few things that you can purchase additionally. There are a few rides you can go on, rent bikes, or purchase some last minute things that you didn’t think of.


7. Medievil Times (Toronto, Ontario)

This is such a fun place for kids, and adults (Ill fill you in a bit later on that) This takes you back to the time where kids ruled, and knights defended their kingdom. This place is such great experience! For one low price you get the full show of knights “Battling” on horses, fed an amazing dinner. And they even have alcohol for adults to enjoy their time as well. Tons of old souvenirs to buy for the kiddos and washroom right on site. My favourite part? Being put into houses and you cheer your knight on! Honestly, i have had an adults day going to Medievil times and its been a hoot!

8. CNE – Late August (Toronto, Ontario)

This is a once in a year event. The CNE has been going on for well over a century now and even though it can be expensive, it is a full day of fun. There are TONS of rides to enjoy, many different types of food to eat and don’t even get my started on the shopping building. So many great deals and fun things to do. Did you know that your child’s school (Usually) gives out free kids passes at the end of the school year? Always check the last report card envelope and save some money! I do mean it when i say to put some money aside as the food can be pricey!



I hope this list gives you some idea to truly enjoy some quality family time with your family. The most important thing is that you plan a bit ahead and enjoy the time with your family while you can at these 8 fun things to do in Toronto and Durham Region . I hope everyone has a great summer! 

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