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Homemade christmas gift ideas for you

I know it’s only July, but Christmas will be here before you know it. So i wanted to share 5 amazing Christmas ideas gift ideas with you all so you can start collecting gifts now before the seasonal prices go up and the craziness begins.

1. Hit up garage sales

This is the time of year that everyone is having garage sales! Go to one. There are so many amazing things that you can find there for such a great price. Maybe even 1 or 2 things for yourself. The best part of garage sales is that you can negotiate the price and even fix up some items to gift for Christmas. You have the time and if you have the resources what amazing thoughtful Christmas Gift ideas.

2. Check online for Christmas Gift Ideas

Facebook market, Poshmark and Varage sale are all great places to check for new items and clothing. Do you have a friend who loves Lulu Lemon? Go find them a beautiful new bag for way cheaper than retail. There are a lot of great places locally that you can look for gifts too. Rex’s Liquidation is located in Newcastle. Brand new items for SUPER cheap! Make sure to take a look

Another amazing small business located in Bowmanville or Newtonville is D&T Buy and Save. They also have brand new items for very great prices. This is where I have gotten a handful of my Christmas shopping done for my kids and friends. Ill tag both businesses below for you to take a look at their Facebook groups 

3. Make your own thing!

Okay, so before someone comes for me in the comments, it’s so easy to make things. You just got put in some effort and honestly, do the thing. So one quick tip; avoid Pinterest. I find that that gives you an unrealistic idea of things to make that may not come out how you imagined it. So think of what your gift recipeant may like, and think of your arts and craft skills. What can you make? If all else fails, seriously a good gift card never hurts.

4. Gift cards

So i personally buy a gift card every month from January to November. I put between $5-$30 on them depending on the store and who it could be for. For example, for my kids i’ll go to the dollar store and grab two gift cards with $5 to add to their stockings. Or If I’m at the mall I’ll grab a mall gift card for $30 and add that to my stash. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but what a great easy add on gift to give someone. And don’t underestimate a good Walmart or Gas station gift card. As an adult it goes a long way to worry less about.

5. Experiences 

As a mom of two, this is huge for me. We are really focusing on teaching our kids that Christmas isn’t only about the gifts. It’s about spending time together with those who you love and care most about. So this is a great gift. The Toronto Zoo, Jumping places, movie tickets, Zip lining. Honestly, any fun things that we can do as a family is a wonderful gift that you can give to a whole family. There are always amazing discounts (Wait for my next blog on discounts to save some money) that you can apply to save yourself some money but still give a wonderful gift. Remember it’s the thought that counts.

That’s it folks. Please please remember that Christmas is about spending time with those that you love. It isn’t about the gifts, even though that may traditionally be part of it, but who you have and love around you. Every year of Christmas the adults will do Secret Santa so we can minimize the amount that we are spending on gifts and its always a hit! So get started on Christmas now that way you can focus on spending genuine time with your family come the season instead of running around finding gifts and ordering online. Trust me it’s a huge relief.

Happy shopping with Christmas Gift ideas!


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