Perfecting your Morning Routine

Morning routine

Preparing your Daily morning routine. This is crucial to beginning your day on the right foot.

This is how I do my morning routine as a small business owner, mom and a soon to be wife. Now I do want to say that this is real life and it doesn’t happen every single day without set backs, but i did want to share to let other woman know that they aren’t alone in the daily ‘grind’

 Get a good nights sleep 
This is such a important step, and I know what you’re thinking, ‘That is obvious Jevonna” I know. But it is something that as adults, let alone small business owners and parents, that sleep in invaluable. I try to settle into bed around 9pm and be asleep by 9:30pm. Yes that is early, but that is the best time for me to get the sleep that I know I need.


Wake up without your phone

For many of us, the first thing that we do when we wake up is pick up our phone. Trust me I do the same, but i’ve made it a goal for the month of September to spend 15minutes with my mind and not a screen. Upon waking up I try to focus on my breathing and stretching all the sore sleepy muscles from the night. And I do say sore because I tend to sleep on only one side. But i do recommened some meditation in the morning.

Have your morning moment

This was something that i learned from a podcaster about enjoying that morning moment. What that means is to enjoy the small things in the morning. That could be your coffee, reading a book or the bible or even just enjoying nature. There are so many things that could be your morning moment, and trust me you’ll know when you have your moment.


Skincare is important

Every single morning I do my skincare routine. It’s only 5 steps which makes it simple and quick for me to do. I personally use I love them estetic of the branding as well how amazing my skin has responded to the line. They also make it easy to earn points to use towards your next purchase as well as quick shipping (usually takes 2-3 days tops for me in Ontario) This is a big part of my Morning Routine.

Creating a list for your to-dos for the day

Right in the morning I try to lay out my to-dos for the day. I try to do no more than 5 personal to-dos and 5 work to-dos. I truly believe that anything more is too much for anyone one person. Your goal should never be to get EVERYTHING done. My grandparents always said to me growing up that i’d much rather you do give one thing 100% at, then do 5 things and only give 20%. That has stuck with me since I was little and it’s something that I have kept close to me.
I also believe that writing down a to-do list is much better and easier for you remember and feel proud when you can cross them off.


Get in a good workout

Now this will be different for everyone, but I love working out early in the morning. Honestly it makes it easier for me to truly have one less thing to focus on during the day. It also gives my brain a way to wake up and get stimulated early in the morning. I try to do 45 minutes to 1 hour of a workout. 3-4 times a week. This also keeps my mental health good.



I try to keep this going daily. This helps me keep organized and helps me get things done daily.

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