Hi mama,
First and foremost Congratulations!
I know, i know you must hear that a lot right? How are you doing? I don’t mean the simple answer; i truly mean deep down how are YOU? It’s tough balancing from birth to baby. Of course everyone is so focused on baby but i want to know how you are doing. I want to give you some insight that i as of mama of 2 know. You will feel like you soon enough. I also wanted to give you some tips that will help you get past the first few months of being a new mom. A little extra tip; this blog can be for your first baby or your fifth. I hope you take even just one type and implement it in your life. Remember momma, your baby is just a baby for such a short time, remember to take in every, single second. 

Give yourself time

The most important thing about having a new baby is that you remember to be paitent with yourself. You just brought another life into this world. No, you won’t have the most perfect body, no you won’t have your makeup done or hair perfect. But i do encourage you to snuggle, kiss and soak in every moment. Remember that you don’t have to do anything or see anyone. All you have to do is focus on your healing and your baby growing up. 

Tell Others NO

This is a biggie. This is also one that people have the most issues with. Telling everyone no is OKAY. I promise it is A-okay! If anyone has an issue with it then then can fly a kite. I do truly mean that, they can buy a kite and fly it. You don’t owe anyone anything. Especially after just delivering a beautiful soul. You can tell others that they can’t visit (I do recommend that you make it a facebook post or send out a email or text to everyone- Trust me its much quicker this way) But you don’t owe grand aunt Marie a visit, set boundaries and tell people no. This is your prime healing time. 
Fun little fact, with my second baby i hosted so many people in a week of her being born that i ended up tearing my stitches all over again. And no, you don’t want to have to get restitched so please oh please do.nothing.see.anyone. The biggest thing is that you also don’t want such big germs around your tiny little one. That is a very huge and important point. You are the biggest defence of your babies immune system. So don’t hesitate to say no to the world. – Trust me they will survive.

Set boundaries

This goes for your not only you, but for your spouse. Set strict boundaries of things that you can do in the household, and things that your spouse will have to pick up the slack on. Also set boundaries on who can see you (Although as i said before try to limit the amount of people that visit you) and give yourself limits. It’s so easy to want to try to do dishes, vacuum, laundry clean. But mama please rest. Your body needs it, When it comes down to it. The laundry will get done eventually. It doesn’t need to be done now and remember that you are one person balancing life from birth to baby. It doesn’t need to all be done today. 

Have bath salt baths- a lot.

The best way to give your body thanks is to treat it well during the healing time. Rest, eat and repeat. But somewhere in between eat and repeat is to take a bath. No not a quick shower. Take a long candle lit, rose pedals if you got it bath. Throw in a bunch of bath salts and just like the warm water soak into your skin. I highly recommend that you get a scent that calms you, for me its vanilla, and light 2-3 candles around the bathtub. Trust me this is the type of bath that you need to truly help your healing journey.

Remember you are allowed to tell your spouse you are relaxing for 30 minutes and let them take care of the baby. Heck if you are as lucky as i was with my second, i had my mom come help for the first week. It truly made a difference.

Throw eating ‘healthy’ out the door

Okay, so don’t just eat McDonalds everyday. But also don’t focus so much on how much how many calories you are eating. I’ve notice that a lot of moms these days are pre planning their meals right before their due date and freezing them so that their partner or if you are a strong single mama you too, just have to toss it in the over and its good to go. Trust me when i say that the first week after birth you are going to be so tired mentally and physically; so the last thing you’ll want to think about is what is for dinner.

If you need door dash, girl order. If your mom can grab you Wendy’s on the way over to watch her new grand baby, great i love their sea salt fries personally. Don’t worry about getting back into shape for at least 6-8 weeks and getting clearance from your doctor. As long as you are eating, and nourishing your body, that is all that matters. 

That is all love! Please just please implement even just one of these for your own personal sanity. And remember mama; it takes a village to raise a baby. It’s okay to ask for help; and when its offered please take them up on that. It’s a short season of life so try to enjoy every bit of it. If you are looking to capture it please reach out to me and id love to photograph a lifestyle session for you.

Happy Momming and best of luck to you and your family!

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