Kindergarten Graduation Portrait Photography

Kindergarten Graduation Portrait Photography


Whoot! What an exciting time of the year! Your baby is graduating. This is still a big deal for not only your not-so-little one but also for you as the parent! Sadly, many schools are cutting Kindergarten Graduation Portrait Photography from their school, which is very sad, this is a great opportunity to get some professional portraits done but to also make some fun memories with your local photographer. 


  1. Booking a private session means less craziness and more time with that child. 

As you know, many schools would have the images done in the school gymnasium and have many photographers capturing half a dozen more kids at the same time. I’m not sure about you, but I know I have images of my baby’s eyes looking somewhere else other than the camera. Working with a Durham Region Professional Photographer there will be much fewer distractions. You will also get a  chance to have your child truly show their personality which is the most important thing when capturing such a huge milestone. 

Kindergarten Graduation Portrait Photography

2. Let’s make it more personalized 

For my clients, I actually offer 7 different gowns and matching cap colours. (Pink, purple, green, blue, gold, red and black.) I love having many cap and gown colours to truly give your clients the option to represent themselves.  Also, many schools have distinctive colours that you might want to represent as well. I would also encourage you to bring an item that your child loves, maybe it’s a fishing rod or your favourite stuffed animal from their favourite show to describe who they are today. 

3. Outdoor or In studio

This is a huge one. You get the option to do either an in-studio session or an outdoor one. Personally, in the last 2-3 years the outdoor sessions have been HUGE. They’re unique and the kids get to be free outside and run around. In studio is still loved though. Many clients love the traditional look to match their older siblings; which is also totally understandable as well 


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