Fun things to do in Durham Region

A family doing fun things in Durham Region

Isn’t it crazy how quickly this year has flown by? How is it December already?
Well, I’ve formulated a list of things coming up in December that you can do with your families for the holidays!
So here are some fun things to do in Durham Region this weekend


Little girl doing a fun Milestone session in Durham

Milestone Session by Jevonna Wynter Photography


Old Scugog Road Christmas Lights 

Now if you haven’t heard of these amazing lights; you NEED to go! Like today. They start officially December 1st and last a few days past Christmas. Now let me make a statement that when you see these houses; your jaws will drop. They are nothing short of breathless and amazing and the best part unique (I love the wood cabin house the most). This amazing homeowners take their time and money to really give a wonderful show from house to house; some including visuals and music. They also support a food drive that you are welcome to bring perished goods to help those in need (Please check your cupboards and find all those goodies that you know someone else can enjoy this time of year). I love that fact that not only is it free of charge it helps those in need. So here are a few tips for when your heading to this fun event.

a. DO NOT try to cut through the line. The way that this neighbourhood is set up is it follows a line and s sequence. So please for the love of gosh do not try to skip cul-de sacs and just the line. I really messes everything up. BUT you WILL be in line for at least 45 minutes to a hour depending on traffic; so please make sure that the little ones have gone to the bathroom. Its super tough to leave once you’ve started.

b. Have everyone dress super super warm and roll those windows down when you arrive. Blast the heat if you want some extra comfort! Its the best way to enjoy the lights; especially if you have tinted windows on your car.

c. Keep the pace with the other cars; i know you and your kids want to enjoy this magical time. But remember so do the other 100+ cars that are there; so please keep the pace and don’t stop at each house. Most of the time cars go pretty slow (10-12km) which is plenty of time to enjoy each house!

Picks and Giggles annual Holiday Market

Now this is another fun event! This takes place Decemeber 10th from 10am to 4pm at Kingsway College in Oshawa. This is a fun market that focuses on small businesses selling amazing gift ideas for christmas! There will be over 60+ businesses to see and majority of them you can enjoy their products right there and then! They will also have Elsa and Anna, the Grinch and fresh hot coco and coffee for you to enjoy while you walk around! So make sure to bring the kids (if your not Christmas shopping of course) haha. I couple of tips to get the best enjoyment out of this event!

a. Make sure everyone goes to the bathroom! There do have bathrooms onsite but it will get pretty crowed and we all know that the woman’s bathroom line can be supppppper long.
b. If you can; i would bring a baby carrier for the tiny babies. Tons of moms come through there; and the stroller space seems to get smaller and smaller! So if you can; I would bring a carrier.

c. Take your time! You do pay a $5 Enterance fee to get (Kids under 14 get in free)  but its worth it! Take your time, meet and talk to the vendors of your community and have fun! This market is one fo the fun things to do in Durham Region so bring friends or family and walk around and have fun!


Family session at Kavanaugh Farms

Goats and Giggles at Kavanaugh Farms in Bowmanville

Goats and giggle with Santa

Okay animals lovers; this one is for you; i mean your kids… let’s be serious, its for you! haha
This amazing farm is located in Bowmanville; and it is soooo much fun! Not only do they have Alpacas, goats, and chickens but you get to take photos with Santa and goats! Like how much fun is that! The best part is that Santa is the same Santa that we use for our sessions! He is amazing with kids, plus you get to pet goats! Best of both worlds.
You do have to book your time slots and date; and there is a fee attached it ($89 including taxes for four people) but worth it for up to a hour of fun on the far with the all the farm animals.

The last date is this upcoming Saturday December 9th so make sure that you snag the last few spots!
Ill attach the link:


And thats a it! Take some time to create some memories with your family and friends! I love this season because it focuses on how and who you have around you. These support small businesses and create time for you to do.

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