Displaying Images at home

Displaying images at home

If you heard me once, you’ve heard me a thousand times. I am a huge supporter of “Print what you want to preserve.” What does that mean exactly? It means that you take your digital images and print them! There are so many options. Now before you roll your eyes at me let’s chat about it a little bit about why it is important to Displaying Images at home


Eventually, USBs will be obsolete


Much like VHS tapes and floppy discs, the USB will be absolute. Actually, many companies have phased out the USB port in some of their computers such as Apple. Eventually, it will be obsolete; and how will you or your kid’s kids be able to view memories of you and your life if they have no way of looking back on it? 

Print what you want to preserve

This is my favourite line to use. It truly carries deep meaning. Many people leave their images on their USB sticks or even worse, their computer or phone hard drive and don’t ever do anything with them once they post them to their socials. They usually don’t even think about it at all until something happens like a hard drive crash or a lost or stolen phone. I know what you are going to say.. the cloud? google drive? But even then it’s not reliable if you forget your password or login credentials. 

So what can you do? PRINT.YOUR.IMAGES

Print them! Decorate your home with memories. “Jevonna, we do at least 2-3 sessions a year with the kids, that’s a lot of things to print  and put on the wall”

Well, very true, but you don’t need to print and put these on the wall. There are so many options that I offer to my clients that work amazing that we will go over, but the truth is most families forget to sit down and actually take in the images that they paid good money for. Wouldn’t you much rather have a beautiful family portrait over your fireplace than in your desk drawer or on your hard drive? 

There are also options for you to use your images electronically too. 

Prints and products

There are SO many prints and product choices these days, I’ll go over some of my favs for displaying Images at home 

  1. Albums – I offer two album sizes, 10×10(Parent album) and 5×5 (Grandparent album). Now the grandparent album cannot be purchased unless you buy the parent album, but both are archival and beautiful. They come in an array of colours and you can have anything you’d like embossed on the cover to personalize it. Many of my clients love to leave their albums on the coffee table to gaze at or have guests look at them when they are over. 
  2. Canvas – By far the most popular. Canvass can come in so many sizes and can even be slightly customized to match your decor. They are the most popular choice for cake smashes and family sessions. 
  3. Accordion books – These are adorable. I usually only offer them for cake smash or mini sessions. (Christmas especially) These books fit perfectly in your purse to show off at any event and can hold between 4-8 different images in them including a custom cover. 
  4. Prints – This is another popular option for almost any genre of session. Prints come in so many different sizes, and shapes. They can be customized to fit certain frames and put into different layouts for you to be able to create galleries on your wall. Prints also make a great gift for friends and family members. 
Displaying Images at home 
Image with a frame

Displaying Images at home Electronic option: 

1. Framed TV screen savers – There are many electronic options to use your images, even though i’m a HUGE fan of printing, displaying your families artwork is still super important. Many higher end tbs actually offer a portrait mode, to leave your favourite images on the screen while no one is using it (Similar to a computers loading screen). It’s a great option to have when you want to idol your TV. 

2. Electronic frames- These little gadgets are so easy to use, and can cycle through all your images for as often as you’d like. They can also stay plugged i and be updated from your phone without have to attach it to your computer. 

Even though we get busy and maybe even forgetful, always try to prioritize time to display your images. Chat with your Toronto Photographer or Durham Region Photographer about options that you have. My clients get a personalized welcome packet that also explains how they can visualize prints on their walls with a program that I offer complimentary. This way you’ll have images to pass down to your grandkids and their kids instead of just a USB. Remember; print what you want to preserve and Displaying Images at home  

Jevonna Wynter 



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