Cake Smash Photography Toronto and Durham Region Tips for your Session

Cake Smash Photography Toronto and Durham Region Tips for your Session

Yay! It’s been almost a year with your little one. What is a better way to celebrate with a cake smash? They are such a fun session not only for your baby but for you as well! Here are a few tips to help you with your cake smash with your favourite Toronto and Durham Region-based Photographer. Let’s have some fun and capture some memories! Cake Smash Photography Toronto and Durham Region Tips for your Session


  1. Get tons of sleep the night before

It is so important to get some sleep the night before your session. I know that sounds like obvious advice but i can’t even explain how important it is that you and your baby rest the night before. I would also recommend that you also get at least one nap in before the cake smash to truly have the baby rested and happy.


2. Do a practice smash before the actual one.

What does that mean you may ask? It means that maybe a week prior, get a cupcake and let the baby play with the icing, and get used to the feeling. The biggest thing that babies dislike is that there is a new texture and taste. By letting them get the firsties out of the way. I would also suggest making it a big deal and getting them to “look” at the camera; this will make the baby way less nervous and way less overwhelmed by the photographer trying to get the baby to look at the camera.


3. Bring water, fav toy, a towel and a small snack to our session

These are essential for the session. The water is to wash down the cake and icing. Bringing the favourite toy is to get the babies to focus but to also calm them down if they get too overwhelmed. There are times that the baby doesn’t want to touch the cake, so bringing a small snack like puffs is a great idea so that we can put some behind the cake and it will make it look like they’re eating the cake and keeps them happy. The towel is for the splash photos, to clean off the baby.


4. Parents, please wear old clothes!

This is pretty simple, and I do beg. Please do not wear anything that you wouldn’t want icing or cake on. I promise you that even though the cakes are low in sugar and no honey, the oils will possibly stain your outfits. And you will get covered in it.


5. Limit the number of people that you bring with you to our session

I’ve personally noticed that when too many people come to the session, it gets super overwhelming for the baby and myself. I always limit my sessions to 3 people max. That being said, i highly encourage that only one person be behind the photographer to get the baby’s attention toward the camera. it is also good to have someone close by that the baby recognizes and can relate with. I would suggest talking with your photographer to make sure of their studio rules and regulations.

6. Pick a meaningful theme for the cake smash

This is the biggest question that I love to ask. “What theme are we going with for your baby’s cake smash?” If there is one thing that i adore to do is to create unique sets from scratch. I love the challenge to be able to wow my clients and create a stunning custom set for them too. When picking your theme, always remember that you want it to remind you of who your baby was now. So i generally tell my clients the following when they can’t decide.

a. Does your baby have a favourite show or character?

b. Do you or a family have a career that means a lot to our family i.e Fire Fighter or Soccer player?

c. When in doubt match the babies bedroom theme. This is a great way to tie together some prints and products that can match the room as well.

I love to encourage clients to pick themes that best resinates with them and their family.


7. Think about how to want to display your images.

If you’ve heard me once, you’ve heard me before. Print what you want to preserve. Displaying your images on your wall is so important. Wouldn’t you much rather see your baby smashing a cake smashing during their first birthday portraits each and everyday as you watch them grow up and into the unique and amazing kids. The most popular products are; canvases, mini accordian books, invitations or loose prints. There are also many other possibilities that you can choose from too.


8. Don’t get so worried about the outcome.

This is the most important tip that i can give my clients. I try to educate them that regardless of how perfect everything may seem or if you followed every tip in this blog, babies are unpredictable and also humans. They aren’t perfect, and can get over whelmed. I do like to take 15 minutes to have them warm up to me and play with familiar toys in a new environment (Hence bringing the toy from home). Although it may help, i try to prepare mom and dad that their baby may cry the entire time, and thats okay. I always do my best to get smiles and laugher, but crying photos will be the cutest thing to look back on too.



Regardless of all these tips, i want to remind you that, you did it. You made it to the first MASSIVE milestone. Not only as we celebrating them, but we are also celebrating you as the parents as well. I want you to enjoy this milestone, and hold onto these memories for as long as you can because truth be told, they fly by faster then you expect.

Happy cake smashing!

Cake Smash Photography Toronto and Durham Region Tips for your Session

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