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Who doesn’t want their little ones to be dressed in the most adorable outfits? I certainly do! Both of my littles had the cutest outfits, and “if I could” matched them to Mommy. There are so many big boxed stores that offer that. Although cute and easy to get, wouldn’t you want to purchase from a small business? Here are 5 Small Shops in Durham Region and Toronto that not only put in their blood, sweat and tears but create such amazing beautiful outfits or accessories.



  1. Bewitching Stitchery 

This is an amazing Small Shops in Durham Region is based in Oshawa, Ontario. This shop not only creates beautiful pieces such as Grow with me outfits, swimsuits and beautiful gowns. But they also create custom pieces that fit you or your little one perfectly. I love the uniqueness of this small business because it truly stands out compared to her (The owner Christine) competitors. Christine truly creates the best pieces as well as educating her community on Pride and what it means to be a part of that community as well. Please take a moment to check our social and get in touch if you are looking for a seamstress.

Facebook: @bewitchingstitery
Instagram: @bewitchingstitery 

2. Shop LSK

The amazing shop is actually located super close to my studio! This Small Shops in Durham Region  I always invite my clients to check out their shops after our session. ShopLSK is located in Whitby, Ontario and sells all kinds of accessories. Trust me when i say you won’t want to skip going here. Farrah (The owner) creates the cutest hats, scrunchies and even silk pillowcases. Looking for some mommy me hats are the cutest (Make sure to follow them for their winter stock, you will LOVE it) If you are looking for some bachelorette gifts, she has the cutest satin gift set. So make sure to check out her website and give her all the love. 

Facebook: @shoplsk

3. Petite Nordique 

Okay, this one is a biggie! Petite Nordique is an amazing small business boutique that sells other small business items. This is such an amazing way to support small in one space. There are a couple dozen small businesses that create the cutest things from outfits for newborns to dresses and sweaters for adults. The support small in the best way and are located in Bowmanville, Ontario. I adore the variety of items that they have here. You can tell that puts her full love into supporting small businesses and creating an inviting environment in her shop! Make sure to follow their socials or head to their website for more information. 

Facebook: @petitnordiqueboutique
Instagram: @petitnordiqueboutique

4. Little Cubs Design Shop 

This adorable little shop is located in the countryside of Newcastle, Ontario. This shop creates everything from bibs, and onesies to matching mommy and me outfits with you and your little ones. This shop is focused based on her two little cubs and wanted to create some unique and personal outfits that can be worn any time of the year, or making it personalized for you to enjoy. They are more so well known for making comfy sweaters for your cottage or fall weather, or birthday shirts for your little one to celebrate. If you  want some custom pieces (Mommy and me matching sweaters) Please make sure to follow their socials 


Instagram: @littlecubsdesignshop

5. Lovey Preloved 

Last but certainly not least, this adorable shop is focused on reusing clothes for our community in Whitby, Ontario. Shop like these are so important to have because with how quickly little ones are growing, reusing and up cycling clothes is the best way to not only help the environment, but to also help your wallet, and your community. This adorable small shop is also around the corner from my studio and i love going there for my littles. I’ve also bought studio props from them like cake toppers. Did you know that they also buy clothes from you as well? That’s right, this adorable shop buys clothes from their community and resells them at an amazing price point to truly help and support their community. Last but certainly not least, this small business also support other small  businesses by selling their products in the shop. Not only does this shop help the community by recycling clothes but they also supports small and gets their items in front of the community. Please take a moment to follow their socials and go check out their shop! 

Instagram: @lovey_preloved
IOS and Android App: Lovey Loyalty App 

Please take a moment to go support these amazing small Small Shops in Durham Region and Toronto. I highly recommend that if you are looking to buy gifts, Christmas birthdays or even just to spoil yourself or your little; take a moment to head to their website and socials to support them! Enjoy

Jevonna Wynter


Durham Region Makeup artist

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