Get ready for your maternity session

Get ready for your maternity session

8 Easy Things to prepare you for your portrait session

Maternity portraits have quickly become a very popular genre in the last few years, and respectively so. Maternity sessions are so important for so many reasons. Capturing this short time as you grow a new life and expand your family is so special. Of course, not everyone’s pregnancy story is the same. I personally had a great pregnancy with my first and a not-so-great one with my second. But I am truly looking forward to my third day. So how can you prepare for your maternity session ahead of time? Let me help you Get ready for your maternity session!

1. Book your session EARLY 

Contrary to well everyone’s belief, you should be booking your maternity session right at the beginning of your second trimester. Many mamas wait until the third trimester to book, and sometimes that is much too late. Photographers can book out anywhere between 3-7 months out, so booking and securing your session is SUPER important. What date should you ask for? Typically photographers photograph you around 28-34  weeks. That is the prime time for the belly to really pop and for you to be not too uncomfortable. 

Sarah at Braggs Maternity session


2. Book your hair and makeup artist asap too 

This is another important thing to do. Book your hair and makeup early too! As a photographer we want you to feel 100% gorgeous at all time. Royalty even, and what is better then getting your hair and make-up done professionally while Get ready for your maternity session  ? Many studios have their go to hair and makeup artist but i highly recommended you do research and make sure you adore their work and they provide a wide range of work for all skin tones. I highly suggest

3. Contact your Photographer about outfits 

The outfit is huge! It is the biggest part of your session. Do you want big beautiful luxurious gowns? Or do you prefer jeans and white bra? Is nude more your style? This is important because it will affect the type of session you are looking to have done as well as the location. Many of my clients adore my in studio work and don’t mind doing some nude shots, but very rarely will i have clients interested in nude shots in a forest. Do you see what i mean when i say that the location will affect the outfits as well? Typically i encourage clients to take a step back and truly think of these 3 points to determine what type of outfits they are considering

Who are you as a person? (Glam and luxurious? Country and simple, and bit of both? What is you and your partners comfort level?

It it super important that you are comfortable with who you hire and where the images will be posted and shared. Many photographers have a wide variety of client gowns available for their use; as well as businesses that rent out gowns for photoshoots. Be sure to do your research and ask all the questions that you need to!

Reflection portraits

4. Cultural Items 

I love it when my clients bring items that are either of their culture or have significant meaning to their families. These images are going to be passed down your family one day, it is so meaningful to have small touches that truly make the images apart of your history to share for your children children. 


5. Choose the right photographer

I know i know, a bit cliché; but very important. This person will be seeing the most vulnerable part of your during a very important part of your life. When i photograph my clients; i truly get to know them. The past pregnancies. the fears for giving birth and the excitement! We have some in depth talks during our session. Ask all the questions that you need too. Important ones include: 

  1. How much typically do clients spend with you?
  2. Do you have a client wardrobe?
  3. Can my partner and other children join?
  4. Where are you located? 
  5. Is there anything that i need to bring for our session? (Bra and underwear colours etc) 

Asking questions should never be uncomfortable. I also love talking to clients on the phone to truly get to know them and they can ask any and all the questions that they need too. Remember; there is no such thing as a silly question.

In studio maternity portraits

6. Getting ready Location

This is a favourite of mine. I love discussion location. Now for many photographers a lot go into planning locations outside of the studio. I have a list of locations that i use for clients to choose depending on where they live and try to keep travel time to 20 minutes or less if i can. But explore locations that mean something to you! Did you and your spouse get married in the mountains ? Try looking for similar locations for your maternity session. Was your wedding forest theme ? Perfect, i have 4 locations in the area that all highly forest beautifully. Are you are studio mama? Wonderful! I have a studio location in abc city and id love to bring you there and capturing this gorgeous pregnancy of yours. Get ready for your maternity session location should ALWAYS be your choice. Only you know how far you can comfortably walk and travel. It is 100% okay not settling for less. 


7. What is included in your portrait session?

This also connect with number 5. on asking questions.
What is included with your session? Every photographer runs their business different, so it’s important to ask what is included so you have a better idea of the investment you will be doing.  Some photographers have a set price that included digital images, others have a session fee which covers their time and have packages you can pick after wards for the amount of image for prints and products you want.

Make sure that you ask and chat with you spouse with that you’re comfortable with. 

Maternity Session Outdoor portraits

8. Outfits for the rest of the family

We covered going over outfits for you, but what about your spouse? Or your children? Many photographers have packets that go over what colours to bring and wear and what to try to avoid ( Printed shirts or busy designs) I typically recommend that clients wear solid colours such a (White, creams, grey and some times black). For pants, i would stay neutral again with khakis or blue jeans. For girls, a simple white gown goes with almost everything. I always suggest that you connect with your photographer for more suggestions based off of their style. 


I hope this helped get ready for your maternity session. This is such an amazing time in your life and i hope you enjoy each and every bit of it. If you are local to myself in the Durham Region, Toronto area, I would love to chat with you.

Get ready for your maternity session

Get ready for your maternity session

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