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Client Wardrobe for a Studio

Hey there mama!
I know how it can be super stressful trying to organize client wardrobes.
That’s why I am here! I wanted to take a moment to show you my wardrobe and explain why I put one together for my studio and clients.
It’s easy, I don’t want you to have to worry about clothes! One less thing to take some stress off of you. So let me explain why I decided to put together a client wardrobe.


Maternity client wardrobe

Okay, so I wanted to start with this one because it’s the biggest reason why I started to put together a client wardrobe. I didn’t want my maternity moms to have to worry. So the first few years of being in business, I remember some moms coming in so upset because their Amazon gown did not arrive on time. Amazon once again made a promise to deliver and the date changed last minute.
I remember a particular mom coming in crushed and defeated. She brought in a few gowns that she had in her closet so that she could still do the session, but they were all too small for her growing belly. It was at that moment that I knew I needed to do this for my clients. I need to curate not only a luxury closet for them but also a closet in which they could have options and even become daring with the portraits. It was also that day that I grabbed a silk flat sheet cover and decided to make a gown out of it as I’ve seen in a few maternity teach videos I’ve been watching, and we made it work. By the end of the session, this mama felt amazing and we produced amazing photos. That night I placed my first order for 5 gowns.

You see being between 28 and 32 weeks pregnant, you have so much going on, the last thing you need to worry about is ordering a gown that might or might not fit. I want you to walk into the studio and just feel refreshed and ready to go.
That is where the client wardrobe began.

Girls’ client wardrobe gowns

Now this was more of a personal project. At the time I only had my son Bentley. He was the sole reason why I started my business, but I craved a little girl to dress up in cute gowns and accessories. So I began buying vintage gowns from wherever I could get my hands on them. Facebook market, vintage shops and even other moms who were selling them. I got a bunch of bows, necklaces, and shoes. I also went to a few amazing stores that I highly reccommend;
Zara Kids

H&M Kids

Not only is the price amazing, but its simple pieces like these that satisfied my studio budget and overall colour choices.




Boys and Mens Wardrobe

This is the one catergory that I don’t have in the studio. I use to carry some pieces for boys and a few tops for men, but I found that they didn’t get used as often. Most men prefer to use their own pieces from their closet, and boys have such different trends and what makes them feel comfortable that i decided it was for the best to remove it from the client wardrobe. I do have 1-2 accessories that some love to put on and enjoy but for the most part the men tend to bring their own. I do however send them a client wardrobe guide  so that the colours and consistant with that everyone is looking for

The most important part of this is that you are taking stress off of yourself. I know that some moms have communicated that they go to their closet and hate everything that they have. I love being able to offer some beautiful gowns that make you feel the way you want to feel! When booking a session with me ask about my client closet.

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