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A cake Smash From Jevonna Wynter Photography


Cake Smashes are my favourite things to do! It’s celebrating the first year of your birthday! I always explain to those who are a bit weary of doing a cake smash that this is a one-time event that your little one can have fun and you can truly enjoy the pure fun in your baby’s eyes. I think that my favourite part of Cake Smashes is seeing how proud Mom and Dad are. Baby is now 1 and this is a huge milestone! Now let me explain a little about cake smashes fun and doing cake smashes with Jevonna Wynter Photography!


Why Should You Book One?

So I explained a little bit why you should but I wanted to go further into why you should book a cake smash with Jevonna Wynter Photography. I offer all-inclusive packages that take care of all of that for you. What does an all-inclusive package mean? It means that I handle everything; from the cake to the outfits and all the decor in between! But why should you book a cake Smash? You should book a cake smash because we are celebrating! Yes, your baby but we are celebrating YOU! You as a parent; are worth the big shebang! You got through the hardest year (Or so they say) so this is not only for your baby but for you. I want to make sure that you are having just as much fun as your baby is!I always suggest to parents to make sure they print what they want to preserve. It’s the best way to enjoy these memories for years to come and to pass them down to your grand kids and so on.


Who Can Be Involved?

I love cakes smashes for the fact that its a celebration! Of course you can join your baby in a few photos. In the Luxury package that i offer, there is a mini family session that is included at the beginning, and that includes 5 Digital images and the rest being cake smash focused. I love love love doing sibling photos, what a great way to look back and enjoy the time as siblings. I also love doing parent shots and individual parent shots as well. The mini family session set will be different than the cake smash set itself


What About Outfits?

The best thing about booking a cake smash with Jevonna Wynter Photography is that i handle everything! Even the outfits! I alway suggest to my clients that if they have a special outfit that means a lot to them or the family than I always encourage that they bring it so add to the photos. But i also have a huge client wardrobe that can be used for so many different themes. I love the sparkle in my clients eye when they get to walk into the closet and choose what they want to dress their little one in. I usually say that there are 3 “outfits”
1. Formal Portraits

2. Cake smash outfit

3. Splash Photos (Usually naked, or in a diaper as you don’t see below the waist in these photos)

I do however suggest that you avoid huge frilly outfits, graphic outfits or outfits that have photos or words on the front. I find that this takes away from the child and the image itself. If you have questions on outfits always reach out to me and ask! Thats why i am here


What about the cake?

I work with the most amazing baker! She is Baking With Claire! She creates amazing cakes that we customize to go with your chosen set. I know that planning every inch of a cake smash can be very daunting and i truly want to take out the stress of having to get the cake. Once the contract is signed we will go over set design and cake options. I know that a lot of clients prefer that i choose a good matching cake, but some love picking from Pintrest. Cakes are low sugar, no honey vanilla buttercream and vanilla cake. Its easy for the little ones to eat and even yummy for you to take home (If your cake smasher doesn’t smash the whole cake!)


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