Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade christmas gift ideas for you

tChristmas is coming folks! We all know how crazy busy the season is on top of already working hours to compete with all the rising food costs. My family decided that we should do DIY  Homemade Christmas Gifts gifts this year for the adult secret Santa. And i was so over joyed with that idea.

So here are 5 homemade Christmas gift ideas that you can do for family and friends. I always want to remind others that Christmas isn’t about gift giving. What it should be about is sharing time with those you love. So let’s get to it!


1. Homemade apparel 

Now i know that this may not be as easy as snapping your fingers, but i’ve noticed that so many people have Cricuts now a days and if you do own one this is a breeze. You don’t need the newest version or anything nor do you need the Cricut heat press either. If you or your mom or grandmother have an iron that works just fine! Find funny, cute or relatable designs on Google, ETSY or the Cricut design space that best describes the person you are buying for! Sweaters are super easy to buy and you can get yours at your local Michaels (Make sure you use those coupons and get some money off) They usually are around $19.99 before the coupon and tons of sizes or check out Amazon for different colours. Just make sure that you make it something that they could potentially wear all year round. (So many avoid the Christmas sweater)



2.  Homemade Ornaments

Now this one is fun! I love making homemade ornaments! I think it is so special to make an ornament celebrating something special and big that has happened this year. For example, if your friends or family bought a house this year or got a new pet; that would be something big to celebrate! Make an ornament with the date or the year and its a memory they can hang onto forever. You can also get empty glass, or plastic clear ornaments from your local craft store fill them with almost anything and the best part is that there are tutorials on youtube if you have a particular design in mind. https://canada.michaels.com/


3. Home made candles

This is one that I am personally going to try! On Amazon there are candle making kits you can purchase OR you can collect the ingredients yourself at a few local stores. I love the idea of making candles because not only can you make a few of them at one time but you can also keep some for yourself and make them personalized! (Plus who doesn’t love a good candle?)

These can be made with scents that remind you of that person . You can also make more natural smelling ones like, cinnamon, pine, make a mixture that is more wintery like peppermint with vanilla and cinnamon. You can also reuse jars that you have your home already or inexpensive ones you can get a value village or Salvation Army.


4. Homemade Food

This one i truly love. As someone who is learning the homesteading life; i will be putting together some baskets of things i’ve made, grown or collected (Like eggs) for our Homemade Christmas Gifts idea. My baskets this year will contain:

  • Home made Tomato sauce
  • Home made apple sauce
  • half dozen free range eggs from my chickens
  • Homemade butter
  • Homemade sugar cookies

This makes it so personal and made right from the heart. You can never go wrong with homemade food.


5. Homemade clay vases

So this one is one of my favourites! I know that unique and simple vases are huge and i don’t know about you but vases are super expensive (Some prices starting at $99.99 +) so making a few vases for friends and family is easy and you can make it as seasonal as you want or make it for all year round with neutral colours and design. Clay is super inexpensive and you can get it at almost any craft store near you.


You see; there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on gifts to impress people. I personally love a good handmade card. With the cost of essentials these days saving where you can is the best thing that you can do and let’s be serious; your friends and family wouldn’t want you to go broke trying to buy them high price things. At the end of the day the best part of christmas gifts is the meaning behind it and Homemade Christmas Gifts  do just that. Good luck and happy crafting.

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