Mini Session & Custom Session

Mini Session & Custom Session



Just like many of you, I love a good mini-session, even prior to being a photographer; I always thought that there are so many pros. They’re cheaper, quick and hold the attention span of my 2-year-old. Although all of that is true, I always wonder in the back of my head what was missing with a full session. Well, let me tell you a few. Mini Session & Custom Session: 

The time length is so important

I know I know, this was an obvious one. But I had to add it first. The length of a mini session vs a full session is huge. For example, and mini-session is usually only 15 minutes or less. These are meant to be volume sessions, quick in and out and one. But the full sessions are more focused to get the time that you need to take in every moment. Plus I find that kids truly need the extra time to adjust to new surroundings and such. So having a 15-minute mini vs and a 30+ minute full session is huge. Even if we just go from 15 – 30 the time difference is still very large.

Attention to Detail


So another huge one. Mini session a great because you’ll usually get to see what you rebooking an ahead of time; but that’s also the thing, you and possibly 30+ other people will have the exact same backdrop and will most likely be posting  and sharing them at the same time. With full sessions; you’ll have the opportunity to truly have more say in exactly what you are looking for as well as (Backdrop, colours and location). Now that isn’t to say that minis aren’t good by any means; but have a session catered to your family is exactly what most people want. They want the oohs and aaah. 

The investment

The Investment is a big one; usually with minis the price is significantly reduced; but so is the amount of image you are getting. Furthermore, the variety in the images is much less with a mini vs a full. Since the length the session is much less, that usually means the variety in poses is also less. But don’t fret, I have capture gorgeous galleries within the time limit that is needed for minis. Its all about grabbing the littles attention and capturing the perfect moment 

Quality of work

This is one thing that both categories agree on; the work doesn’t suffer. The right photographer will not diminish the quality of work no matter if it is a cheaper mini session or a full Family session. The work is consistent and beautiful regardless of Mini Session & Custom Session

Time of Year

The time of year has a huge affect on mini for photographers; There are so many that almost all photographers offer; and even more so if they have specialty categories that aren’t included in the following list:

The most popular minis in Durham Region (Toronto) are

Mothers day




The most popular full sessions are


Cake smash 



So depending what you are looking for in particular you can go with either of these that best fit for you. The time of year plays a huge amount on if you are looking for a full session or mini. 

Mini Session & Custom Session
                                                                                                                                                                                   Taken at Braggs Farm:

There are many pros and cons for Mini Session & Custom Session. The most I can say regarding either is that you sit down and look over the pros and cons. I always tell my clients that these memories are invaluable. They are all you have when your little one grows older, more so they are so important when passing down the memories to your grandkids and their kids. I personally love being able to look back at how many grandparents spent their days and how they family portraits were back then compared to now. The cost is vastly different but i always educate my clients that memories are forever, would you rather have none or too many. 

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