Brooklin Bakery – Durham Regions Best kept secret is OUT

And you don’t wan to miss her amazing work

Do you remember back in the day when you were given this epic cake for that special birthday party of yours? Or attending your cousins wedding and seeing those elaborate cakes on display? Well bakers are a huge part of what makes those gathering so special. Over the years the skill have grown and the talent is beyond what our minds can even comprehend! 
I was so excited to be able to share (and lets be serious, show off) my amazing baker. Faye! 

She is the proud mama of 3 and owner of Brooklin bakery! Brooklin bakery not only offers cakes but a array of delectable treats such as cookies, cupcakes and even yummy apple loafs. But she’s just a baker you may say. Wait until you see the amazing skills that Faye has. I have given her limited information and she has made absolute master pieces. So let me give you 3 reasons why you should hire Faye for your next event. 

1) Her customer service CANNOT be beat! 
Faye is one of the most dedicated small business owners. She makes sure that ever piece going out of her door is PERFECT. And if you check out her facebook page or instagram you’ll see that. (Psssst Its @brooklinbakery on instagram) She truly gets to know her customers so she can create special pieces for their even and add to the magic. 

2) Her artistry is magical. 
Not only does she make magical pieces of art that are editable, she adds to the overall store of the event. Faye truly has made my cake smash sets come to life! They put smiles on all my clients faces and add to the story of this young little one celebrating the amazing age of ONE. Faye doesn’t leave one piece of of detail out. She will add additional surprises to truly wow her customers. (I mean come on, she make pancakes look alike actual pancakes, and can we talk about the realistic looking dino egg?) 

3) The flavours just dance with your taste buds
Here at Jevonna Wynter Photography, I always make sure that health and safety come first. With Faye we use low sugar and absolutely no honey in the cake smash cakes. With all that being said you are going to love any flavour that she delivers because they all taste amazing. 

So when you have your next event, make sure that you call Faye. She will add to your event and make it super magical. She always adds to my inclusive cake smash sessions and makes the whole set come alive.